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Dontronics – PIC and AVR Kits Shop

Dontronics World’s largest range of Microchip (PIC) and Atmel (AVR) Hardware and Software. They have many kits for Embedded SBC from small ones to the powerful types that run Linux.

Dontronics – PIC and AVR Kits Shop

They supply many boards from Olimex. One is shown here. MCU: PIC18LF8490 16KB Flash memory, 768 B RAM memory, LCD driver, 10 bit ADC, PWM, SPI, I2C, EUSART, TIMERS, COMPARATORS, up to 40MHz operation.


PIC-LCD – SBC Board with PIC18F8490

AVR Risc processor = Alf (Egil Bogen) and Vegard (Wollan) ‘s

Dontronics produced the very first commercial prototype boards available for the AVR family, and was involved in setting up the first list server chat group for AVR’s.

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