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NE555 and NE556 from Signetics

Signetics made the 555, This is one IC that is like a E-LEGO, this along with Op-Amps and other components can make many interesting projects. On some pins like Control Voltage it responds to analog signals and on Reset and Output the signals are Digital like. The 7555 a CMOS version consumes lower power and oscillates at higher frequencies. This evergreen or perennial chip is the favorite among students and hobbyists who want to learn electronics. Here is an original datasheet from Signetics i found online, it has very nice illustrations which will act as an appetizer for learning this science.

DataSheets of NE555 and NE556

Specifications Tutorial with Cartoons

Circuits and Applications of 555

IC 555 Resources in the Web

This Rare Vintage NE555 Datasheet was found at Serge Bertorello's Astronomy and Telescope Site. I searched frantically online, after i realized my old Signetics Databook and copies are not fit for scanning, Termites had found it appetizing. The copy i have, had more circuits, this one here is older but unique.

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  Home  >>  Circuit Applications  >>  NE555 and NE556

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