Make a Shake Flashlight

I found this bright flash of information when i was looking for supercap vendors

I was enlightened about this Battery Less wonder. This is a boon for rural areas and an emergency tool which depend only on your will and your tendons. Learn about supercaps, dynamo and White LED’s here.

“Ever been stuck needing an illuminant, but with no batteries or power source to hand? then check out this article by Richard J. Nelson on the LED Forever Flashlight.”

This is a Linear Dynamo LED Torch which uses a SuperCapacitor to store the energy. Easy to repair and maintain if necessary.

Forever Flashlight

Forever Flashlight

It uses no batteries and requires only the single LED included. You can even leave the flashlight unused in your car’s glove box for years and you’ll always get that all-important light when you need it most. Forever Flashlight lll pays for itself quickly by saving you the cost of batteries and bulbs. – 21785 SW TV Hwy, Suite Q, Aloha, Oregon 97006 USA

See a Article about that – Forever-Flashlight

How to make your own hand powered shake led flashlight. Make a Shake Flashlight

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