VU Meter Circuits and Projects

Here is a collection of web pages of VU Meter projects that helps a newbie getting into the Electronics DIY Hobby Land.

VU Meter Circuits and Projects

A Hobby now in your School days or College can help you build a strong profession later. It is Edutainment that will make productive use of your spare time. Friends can do it as a group, during holidays. Parents should encourage healthy hobbies, as the children will grow in a positive and creative atmosphere.

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Projects –

  • MintyMP3 mp3 player
  • MIDIsense simple extensible sensor interface
  • Open-Source USB AVR programmer and SPI interface
  • Open-Source prototyping shield for Arduino NG/Diecimila
  • Learn electronics and microcontrollers using Arduino!
  • Easy tutorial for starting out with basic AVR programming