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Amplify uV from Sensors to mV for uC

Amplify uV from Sensors to mV levels for A/D Converters, which in turn may drive a display or connect to a uC means MicroController.

Now there is unicode I can write μC. Now we will break into small html lesson, paste this as html or put it in the source… μ .. you get this… μ .More such neat tricks can be learnt at Entities for Symbols and Greek Letters. I know this is a tough lesson like math, but you better get used to this. (I had to fake this tutor, i have a wysiwyg blogging client which takes unicode characters, this wordpress also set unicode, try your experiments with a NoteTab and one old and one new browser for learning better, i finally set this post by disabling the wp rtf editor and manually typing in μ )

I shall still use uC till Touch-It Virtual Keyboard comes with a Pop-Out Greek Symbol Plate in the free version. I have my own human interface and memory limitation. I am like a 8086 based nobody’s computer in a Penta-Core 5 Ghz Fiber-Computing World, add a 5 Teral Byte HDD. I am Obsolete, i am Legacy. But i have a right to Promote my Worn Out JPEGs.

Now getting back to Bizness, the inputs from the world we interact are analog, A uV level from a Strain Gauge to measure Weight/Pressure; mV from a K Type Temperature Sensor or mV from LVDT Displacement Transducer to Gauge measure linear displacement. All these Low voltage/current, AC/DC need some signal conditioning and special construction – FOR – Amplification, Attenuation, Noise/Pickup Immunity/Rejection, Linearizion, Isolation and Transmission (long wire/wireless).

This means take a small signal sample in the best possible way. The Sensor/Transducer shape and sensing/converting element/technology is chosen/developed. This low mV/uV is then Amplified/Cleaned and Transmitted.Some steps like linearizion can be done by software not all steps. Now we have a nice 0-10 V or 4-20 mA Signal which any A/D with process enthusiastically. The Digital signal will be eagerly processed by a uC with firmware, without batting a eyelid or like the kids say “look no hands” (then its plaster of paris for a few weeks).

From Schoodles

I cant do better than this, if you still don’t understand you are destined to become a Hippie. You will be eternally free from work. Lucky Guys. BUT better to be like Ludens.

“Homo sapiens wanted something else, and better. He started to play. Homo ludens was born!”

Manfred Mornhinweg.

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