MCS 3245 User Manual

MCS 3245 User Manual

To obtain faithful reproduction of sound, it is very important that the left and right speakers are operating in phase. In phase means that at any given moment the cones of both speakers are moving in the same direction. If the cones of the two speakers are moving in opposite directions (out of phase), bass response and sound quality are altered. To insure proper speaker phasing, connect the positive (+) RECEIVER terminal to the positive (+) SPEAKER terminal, and the negative (โ€”) RECEIVER terminal to the negative (โ€”) SPEAKER terminal. ..

MCS 3245 Owners Manual

Room acoustics

Sound waves can be divided into two groups: direct and reflected sound. Direct sound emanates from the loudspeaker following an uninterrupted route to the listenerโ€™s ear. Reflected sound is an image of the original sound source traveling an indirect route to the listener. Reflected sound. is very important for stereo imaging and reinforces concert hall realism. Proper tone balance between direct and reflected sound is the function of room acoustics.

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Drapes, carpeting, upholstery and even people absorb sound energy, thereby reducing reflected sound. Bare floors, walls, and hard surfaces add to reflected sound. A room with high absorption qualities will sound dead or lacking brilliance. A room with high reflective qualities will sound too bright or may even echo. To achieve a balanced environment, set speakers against a reflective wall, facing a less reflective wall on the other side of the room. As a general rule, do not place speakers against a wall having the same absorption or reflective qualities as the wall opposite it. (See Figure 10).

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dapj means digital analog power junction