Basic Electrical Circuits

Electrical Engineering encompasses Everything in Electronics.
Communications, Computers etc. are further specializations of
Electronics. So it is best to Identify Electrical Circuits with
Electrical Designs which excludes Active Devices. It can include
Electronic Products in the form of wireable modules.

So House and Factory wiring, Appliances like Ovens, Toasters,
Power Generation and management; all these are electrical. Motors,
Generators, Connectors, Relays, Contacters and Circuit Breakers are
Electrical Components.

See a diagram i made for a Sequential Process Control Unit, custom built for Vacuum Impregnation;


Radio or Power Inverter is Electronic. When an Inverter or Electronic
AC-DC Motor Drive is used in a Control panel or Power Supply system,
that integration is shown as an Electrical Circuit. I feel Simple
Consumer Electronic Circuits using Diodes, Transistors, SCR, Capacitors
and Resistors can also be taken under electrical circuits; when they
are used in Mains-Power or Household Appliances. Solar Energy related
circuits also can be studied under Electrical Power Circuits.

Electronics RF-Microwave and Communications is a specialization area,
Computer Hardware, Software, Internet form another major domain.
Networking and Wireless data communication overlaps both the above.

Electronics and Instrumentation are fundamental domains needed for
many. Industrial Automation with Process Control Instrumentation is
unique, but is supported by the fundamental domains. Many more finer
areas like Robotics and Medical Electronics have a much sharper focus.

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