28 Tested Transistor Projects

28 Tested Transistor Projects – In most electronic circuits component values aren’t very critical and the constructor should not be put off building because he doesn’t have the exact component stated: try building with the nearest value you have.

Some of the circuits are Siren, Leakage Detector, Audio Amplifier, Ultrasonic Transmitter, Ultrasonic Receiver, Preamp, Domestic Thermostat, Static Electricity Detector, Touch Operated Switch, Person Detector, Voltage Level Detector, Programmable Thermostat.

28 Tested Transistor Projects Audio Amplifier with Transistors

Diode & Transistor Voltage Tester, Light Controlled Switch, Voltage Controlled Light Dimmer, Bi-Directional Switch for Triacs, Touch Operated Gain Control, Light Flasher….