Control Interface to PC Ports


A computer can be used to control or automate systems. From turning
lights on/off at your home to shutting down motors or heaters in
industries. Speed control and PID Control too.

PC based
Instrumentation is easy to implement using USB Devices and Plugin Cards
for Test and Measurement.  Most instruments can communicate with PC on
the GPIB interface.


interfaces have made such PC based Data Acquisition and Controls much
easier. In the early days it was Printer Port and Serial Port. The
future is for Wireless Device Networking.

Control Interface to PC Ports.

Intelligent Devices (embedded systems) are privately and securely
networked, it is called the Intranet of Things. This is like a
Home-Office-Business private closed Cloud. This is ideal for Home and
Infrastructure Automation and even Big Business or SMB Automation.

can get you started too. The few examples above show an instrumentation
– Logic Analyzer ‘Like’ interface and a relay-display driver circuit.
They are examples i tried for students to try out and learn.

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