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These circuits are based on CD40xx Chips and other. You can use
74HCT or any other series that is available. use one family for a
particular project. These were used nearly two decades ago. Use it for
learning, glue logic or to interface your uC designs to external
devices. Do not make only Logic based designs like some below. It would
be better to use a uC, CPLD or FPGA if you are building a complex
gadget Basic Digital Circuits


Digital Circuits – delabs

is a Voltage-to-Frequency Converters and 74C926 is a 4 Digit Counter.
The first part of the circuit converts the amplified DC analog value
from a shunt to pulses. The Second counts the pulses and Displays it on
a Seven segment LED display.

Digital Timers, Counters and Clocks

  • Sequential Timer CD40xx
  • Sequential Timer 7217
  • Six Digit preset counter CD4518
  • Analog timer CD4541
  • Quad Presettable Timers
  • Digital Comparator 74HC85
  • Sequential Timer/counter 7217 with RAM
  • CD4060 and CD4020 based long duration timer.
  • Digital Timer Clock With Preset using Thumbwheel switch.
  • 1 Hz or 1 pps crystal clock using CD4060 and 32768 Hz Crystal

Mixed and Interface Circuits

  • Optical Proximity Switch
  • Profile Controller
  • Toaster timer 555
  • Quad analog input switch logic
  • Optical switch for water tap using LM555 and LM567
  • Diff input DS8830 to TTL convertor
  • Phase lock loop using 4046
  • Am hour meter for battery chargers or electroplating equipment. 74C926

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