Simple Electronics Ladybird Learnabout Series


We live in an electronics age with space satellites, moon landings, computers, etc. You might think that these are very complicated but they are all based on some quite simple electronic circuits. This book describes and explains in words and pictures some of these basic components that make up the miracles of our present-day life. Children will be able to make electric organs and violins, flip-flop circuits for sound and light and a variety of other exciting pieces of electronic wizardry.

All the components are readily available and the equipment needed to build the circuits is simple and as inexpensive as possible. This makes it possible for youngsters to enjoy all the excitement of making and using the circuits and learning something about electronics at the same time.

Simple Electronics by George C. Dobbs

Simple Electronics

Look around your home and see how many electronic items you have in everyday use. You may find a television set, radio-set, a record player, a cassette recorder and perhaps other electronic devices: all of them a part of your everyday life. Yet only a hundred years ago there were none of these things. The growth of electronics, from a few simple laboratory experiments to the amazing modern world of electronic devices, has been called the miracle of the century. You can learn something of this miracle by reading the Ladybird book The Story of Radio...