Funway Into Electronics by Dick Smith

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When I was eight years old, I became interested in radio. I still remember the night I built my first crystal set. Imagine the joy I experienced when it actually worked! – Dick Smith

Funway Into Electronics by Dick Smith

That night was the beginning of my career. Not long afterwards, I started learning about radio and electronics, building projects as I went. The method I used was simple: take a piece of wood, and lay the components out in exactly the same pattern as the circuit. It might not have been the most technically correct method, but it sure taught me a lot about electronics and the way components work in circuits! – Dick Smith

In order to make construction extremely easy without soldering (making it safe for even the youngest person) we use a method called ‘bread-boarding’.

This involves some scaps of particle board (or other suitable board) lOcmx 12cm or slightly larger, and some self-tapping screws and washers.

The electronic components and wire links which actually make up the circuit are connected between these screws according to a plan printed in the back of this book. This plan shows the arrangement of components we have found to be most satisfactory, arranged according to a ‘grid’ of 1cm squares. Also marked on the plan is the position of each of the screws which hold the components in position.


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