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December 9, 2022
Happy Holidays and a New Year on the way.

Respond slowly to requests, this is called dampening, even if you have a fast server. Load media on view and demand.

This idea of mine is decades old. Before birds learnt to fly and Rabbits could say "What's up Doc"

November 29, 2022
Microsoft a HD Gaming Company

Microsoft ought to Focus on Xbox, Cortana, HD Wallpapers and LinkedUp.
They have to Outsource the Windows Operating System to "Mercenary Software Developers and Noobs" organization.'

Do it before it is too late !

November 27, 2022
Do not let Wikipedia become Wackypedia.

Footer Links are full of Digital Marketing and Web Traffic Spam. Celebrity promotions, Political Propaganda and Brand Boosters are Sneaking in many Articles. They seem to be done in a Sophisticated and Organized way to make it look Legitimate.

November 24, 2022
If you value your Privacy and Security; do not use the services provided by Meta and Alphabet. (Facebook and Google)

The Spy who Loves Big Data
November 21, 2022
This is the only Equation you need to prove that an Higher Intelligence Exists. Some call That a Creator of this Universe. The combined Intelligence of all Earthlings is 0.001% of his Intelligence.

Remember Darwin was right when he uncovered a handful of methods of this Higher Intelligence. The Atheists hid behind the Shield of Darwin's...
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November 21, 2022
This is a very rare and exotic HD Closeup Photo of Sir Higgs Boson who is also known as "God Particle"

Samuel Hahnemann the creator of Homeopathy will be pleased to know about my findings.

The fingerprints of Higgs Boson on the Molecules make such Zepto Potencies cure the human maladies miraculously.

November 19, 2022
Today i Spotted SuperBlaze and SuperBlond coming out of a Telephone Booth Together !!!

November 19, 2022
The energy crisis is only going to get worse every year. We need energy for cooking food & cannot waste it on powering Gyms. There is a way out. You get paid to use the Gym !! The Equipment is redesigned to generate energy while you build your muscles or enhance fitness.

Foot Pedal Power Paddle, Galley with Oars, Push Pull Generators. Read More