Lightning Bolt damages Components


A ThunderBolt Zap can damage electronic parts. The Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker ELCB or Overload Breaker may Trip.

Surge Protection and Lightning Arrestors

Mains Strip Board should have protection, The EMI RFI filter, Varistors
can help. Earthing and Lightning Arrestors should be good in the

The Blue ones are MOV Metal Oxide Varistors, sometimes they fail as a
short circuit, so better to use a fast blow fuse. Then you see Gas Tube
Arrestors that are even used in a Landline Terminal Box.


A Surge Arrester
is a device to protect electrical equipment from over-voltage
transients caused by external (lightning) or internal (switching)
events. Also called a surge protection device (SPD) or transient voltage
surge suppressor (TVSS),

Line-Filter – A
special class of capacitor is used in power-line (mains) filters.  Line
filtering is a very tough application for a capacitor.

Achieving EMC for Dc-Dc Convertors – DC-DC
converters, whether they be an off the shelf brick design or a discrete
equivalent, are a source of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). EMI is
unwanted electromagnetic energy that propagates by radiation and
conduction over system signal and power lines.

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