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HP Archive  –
This site is run by Glenn Robb, an Electrical Engineer and HP
aficionado. It’s goal is to help others collect, preserve and enjoy
vintage HP equipment and literature.

Online Museum of Hewlett-Packard – Ken

web site is devoted to the history of test equipment produced by the
Hewlett-Packard Company which is now known as Agilent Technologies. I
own a huge collection of vintage Hewlett-Packard test equipment,
catalogs, equipment manuals, and Hewlett-Packard Journals” –  Kenneth A.

HP’s Instrumentation and Technologies Division
became Agilent, Recently Keysight a new firm sprang from Agilent as the
Heir to the Scopes, Meters, Oscillators and Counters. So in this blog we
are relating to Keysight as the continuation of the old HP tradition of
Test and Measurement.
(The present hp is a computer company and agilent a health care firm)


first business location in the Santa Clara Valley is the now iconic
garage located at 367 Addison Avenue in Palo Alto. Here they manufacture
the company’s first product, the 200A Audio Oscillator. Disney Studios
becomes interested in the 200A and orders eight to be used in the
production of their movie, Fantasia.

HP Memory Project – Vintage Hewlett Packard
HP Memory Project is, first of all, a collection of vintage
Hewlett-Packard hardware, software, documentation and other technical
and marketing materials from HP’s early years in the instrumentation and
computer industry (beginning in 1939).

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