Reference Charts RF µWave Communications – Anritsu


These charts provide Band Designation, RF Measurements Conversion
Tables, RF Spectrum Bands, RF Connector Comparison Tables, S-Paramaters,
the Electromagnetic Spectrum, Waveguide Designation,

to Voltage Conversion, Spectrum Analyzer Conversion Factors, SWR ñ
Reflection Coefficient ñ Return Loss, Power Measurements, Amplitude
Modulation, Pulse Modulation, Frequency Modulation, and Bessel
Functions. From – Anritsu Reference


Reference Charts for RF & µWave Communications – Anritsu

tables for return loss, reflection coefficicient, and SWR with values
for interaction of a small phasor (utility reference) expressed in dB
related to the reference.

In microwave circuit design
S-parameters are very useful for the full characterisation of any 2 port
network. In contrast to z,y and h-parameters, which require broadband
short circuited and open circuited connections at the TEST ITEM for the

S-parameters are determined with input and
output terminated with the resistive characteristic impedance of test
systems (generally 50 ohms in a coaxial line system). Parasitic
oscillations in active devices are minimised when these devices are
terminated in resistive loads.”