Resistor Color Code


The Resistors Value has to be Deciphered by understanding the well kept Secret Color Code that is known only to Makers, Ham Radio, and Engineers.

The Resistor have colored painted bands, makes electronic populated PCBs look attractive, but that was not the real purpose. It was an early innovation in what is called now Ergonomics of the Workplace. In other words it makes you spot values easily and also their magnitude.

If you find a black resistor on the PCB with no color stripes, it means it has burnt up and would have values less than 10K. You have to research the design to arrive at the value of that blown device.

1st band – 1st digit – Yellow = 4

2nd band – 2nd digit – Violet = 7

3rd band – Red = 2 — number of zeros that follow — means 4700 ohms — 4.7 kilo ohms or 4k7


For 4 banded ones, MFR 1% first 3 bands represent first three digits, and fourth band stands for the number of zeros that follow. 4.7k will be Yw Vt Bk Bn.

Right End Band is for tolerance

Brown Band 1% — MFR Metal Film Resistor is used in Instrumentation Electronics.

Gold Band 5% — CFR Carbon Film Resistor is common for Consumer Electronics.

Silver Stripe is 10%

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