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RT Software Oscilloscope GUI DLL Library

“The library makes it possible to show on the beams of the oscilloscope over a million quantization steps of signal per second (on the Pentium III machine) – less than one micro-second is sufficient for one signal sample. This software can be used for linking to real-time controlling programs as longer delays in relay of data to the oscilloscope don’t occur.”

RT Software Oscilloscope GUI DLL Library

Universal Real-Time Software Oscilloscope GUI DLL Library

“The library is supplied with a comprehensive description of the program interface and simple examples of its use executed in various different program development environments: MS Visual C++® & Visual Basic®; Borland Delphi® & C++Builder®; MathWorks Matlab® & Simulink®, C# (C Sharp).”

“Applied software emitting data to this oscilloscope obtained data via such communications as serial port (RS232, 422, 485), SSI, USB, CAN bus, Ethernet, GRIB (instrumental interface), via custom-made communications equipment and also by collecting information via a data acquisition card with analog-to-digital converters mounted on the PCI bus-bar of a PC.”

delabs Notes –

I am amazed, i did not notice this. I tried it it, not fully, it seems to be quite versatile. I feel this may be useful for hobbists to try out some experiments in oscilloscope and logic analyzer. It would be good if it was Open Source, it may help developing more instruments.

I am not sure about this Library in terms to actual high speed testing or if it may be developed further. But is it interesting.

For students i feel Bitscope offers some nice tools too. BitScopes are USB or Ethernet connected PC Based Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes.

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