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Pic Projects from Mondo Technology

These are many projects you can try out with Microchip PIC. Code and schematics are there. You can build it then start tweaking or altering the code and later modify circuit. This is another way of learning. You must be sound in building analog and logic circuits first.

This is the order of learning ..

  • Learn to use Batteries, LEDs, Wires, Switches, Soldering Iron and Resistors.
  • Build some projects with NPN and PNP transistors with capacitors.
  • Try some Toy Transmitters and Receivers using RF devices and Inductors.
  • Fix some power supplies like Transformers, Diodes, Regulators.
  • Configure small Analog Amplifiers and also Audio Amplifiers, 555 Timer.
  • Test out some LOGIC circuits with the 40xx Chips like 4093, 4028.
  • Start with some small PIC project or 80C51 Microcontroller.
  • Make a SOC with DSP and build a Robot Brain controlled Online.
  • Get a Patent quick !

Sine Triangle Square Saw Burst Sweep Noise on a PIC16F870

Sine Triangle Square Saw Burst Sweep Noise on a PIC16F870

PICAXE – Powerful uC Programming

The ‘PICAXE’ system is an extremely powerful, yet low cost, microcontroller programming system designed to simplify educational and hobbyist use of microcontrollers.

PICAXE - Powerful uC Programming

The buggy is a mobile robot having microswitch sensors- LED eyes- piezo sounder and worm drive gearboxes using high quality solar motors.The microcontroller and battery pack is built onto the buggy- so that it is totally self contained.

Electronic Projects – Rickard Gunée

Rickard Gunée - PIC Mini Dice

PIC Game system – Hardware description of the system that is running pong and tetris.

AVR Color Clock – A clock using the standard resistor colors (+2) to show time with two RGB LEDs.

PIC Mini Dice is an electronic dice based on a PIC10F200 and built with surface mounted components.

Even though this is a very simple project, it requires some surface mount soldering skills, proper tools, and a steady hand as it is built with surface mounted components only.

PICbook – Embedded Design PIC18F452

PICbook - Embedded Design PIC18F452

Embedded Design with the PIC18F452 Microcontroller written by John Peatman (Prentice Hall, 2003) in support of Microchip Technology’s PIC18F family of microcontrollers.

The QwikFlash devlopment board is used as an example in the book for interfacing the PIC18F452 to various external components. The board contains varous I/O devices such as an RS-232 port (for program code development with QwikBug), RPG, potentiometer,a pushbutton, an LCD, and a few LEDs. A temperature sensor is included on the board to demonstrate the use of the PIC18F452’s A/D module. A two-channel D/A converter illustrates the use of the PIC18F452’s SPI three-wire interface.

This site is for flyers of Radio Controlled model aircraft wanting to find out about successful Electric powered RC modelling.

Fly Electric– Radio Controlled Model Aircraft

“On this site I showcase big electric planes, have loads of free plans for smaller ones, cover many interesting contruction topics and provide circuit diagrams and advice for lithium batteries.” – David Theunissen

PIC and AVR Projects – Designing PIC microcontroller-based devices to monitor lithium voltages. Individual cell low voltage cutoff, lithium tester and servo controller circuits. Simple data logging. Tutorials to help beginners to get started.

Brushless Free-Flight Timer

Brushless Free-Flight Timer – The page describes how to convert a cheap commercial speed controller into a light, easy to use, brushless free flight timer. It is also a good introduction to brushless ESC’s and you could even build your own.