Ultimate 555 timer Design


Create an innovative 555 design, the 555 should be the heart of the circuit. Here are some pages having 555 design ideas that will help you learn quickly. Learn and Do-it-Yourself or DIY. Better still CIY – Create it Yourself. Be Creative, Be original and Shake the Planet. I want students to look into these specs pages as it will make your study more invigorating.

555 The most Incredible Chip

Signetics made the 555, This is one IC that is like a E-LEGO, this along with Op-Amps and other components can make many interesting projects. On some pins like Control Voltage it responds to analog signals and on Reset and Output the signals are Digital like. The 7555 a CMOS version consumes lower power and oscillates at higher frequencies. This evergreen or perennial chip is the favorite among students and hobbyists who want to learn electronics. Here is an original datasheet from Signetics i found online, it has very nice illustrations which will act as an appetizer for learning this science.

NE555 and NE556 from Signetics – The Incredible 555 : Here are some 555 circuits, The most versatile and simple chip of all time ! Some of my 555 Circuits are at my blog – 555-Circuits – delabs Schematics The best part of the 555 is that it has an voltage detection. It has a Versatile Logic which is defined by voltage comparators. The ability to loop it like an opamp for feedback makes it the first “Programmable” Mixed Chip. In short it make an ideal building block.

555 Timer Circuits at delabs


555 Timer based Circuits

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