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RCA connector or Phono Connector

An RCA connector, sometimes called a phono connector or cinch connector, is a type of electrical connector commonly used to carry audio


Stereo Audio Music Players

40 Watts Hi-Fi Music System – Stereo Music player with Tuner, 1986, LED VU meter and Analog VU meter. This was done


DBX 904 LED Board Schematic

DBX 904 LED Board Schematic-o- Part of the The DBX 904 noise gate module for the 900 series rack. ….   I poked


Acme Hyper Magnetics

Acme Hyper MagneticsThis is a Example Imaginary Listing. We make Multi-voltage relays. These are devices designed to work for wide voltage ranges

Hobby DIY Posts


Fun with Chemistry

Fun with ChemistryThe work of chemists is to study different kinds of matter, these and hundreds of thousands of other kinds too. They learn what things are made of and


LED Lamp – Simple Bed-Lamp Circuit

LED Night lamp, Clock Lamp to see time at night. It is a Green Lamp just 50mA, but its Blue in Color.


K8CU – Bill Jones – Radio Amateur

Bill Jones, K8CU, has been an active Radio Amateur, CW Dxer, and home project builder since first receiving his Amateur Radio license in 1966 at age 17. Bill is an


Robot Building for Beginners – David Cook

In Robot Building for Beginners, not only will you learn about the basic parts and tools of robotics, but also you’ll actually learn how to build a fantastic line-following robot.

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Amplimo – Toroidal Transformers Amplifiers

Amplimo has got a very large range of toroidal transformers available directly from stock. Standard range transformers have been approved by KEMA and UL . Built and tested according to


PJRC – Electronic Projects with Components

PJRC Electronic Embedded Systems Projects with parts  Paul and Robin’s Home offers free technical design data and detailed instructions for building them. Useful for Education. . PJRC – Embedded Electronic


Treasure Hunting and Metal Detectors

Here are some Metal Detector Projects that are quite interesting for the purpose of education and experiments in the Art of electronics. This site may be as old as Y2K,


EMS Laboratories – Hobby Electronics

Unprecedented Innovations from a young group of Scientists who may change the way we interface with the Electronic Environment around us. EMS Laboratories – Hobby Electronics Meggy Jr RGB is