The American QRP Club


The American QRP Club was formed in June 2003, and later incorporated, as a organization of ham radio operating enthusiasts interested in low power operation – these types of hams are called QRPers.

The American QRP Club

The AmQRP Club is not affiliated with any geographic area and its membership does not meet monthly as do many regional radio clubs. Instead, the AmQRP provides online information, instruction, goods and services to the general QRP population for educational and enjoyment purposes.

DC receiver designed by Wayne McFee

The TinEar is a simple DC receiver designed by Wayne McFee, NB6M that covers approximately 400 kHz of the 40 Meter band. This receiver has a stable VFO, and is quite pleasant and fun to operate. The kit is easy to build, and uses all through hole components. Everything is included in the kit, even the straw that is used to wind the tuning coil!! It tunes by means of a simple PTO (permeability tuned oscillator) and uses a 9V battery for power. The receiver uses common earbud or walkman headphones and has controls for Tuning and RF Gain. The battery even fits inside the case!

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