CompuPhase articles and Application notes

CompuPhase articles and Application notes

On-line publications “for programmers”; they are also written “by programmers”.

CompuPhase develops electronic designs, printed circuit boards, prototypes of custom apparatus and the embedded software that runs on the devices.

Examples of such apparatus are the various LED-panels that we set up in several exhibit centres, under contract of Podium (Netherlands). Embedded systems

CompuPhase Services include contract programming of applications and embedded systems, and also the design and production of custom electronics.

CompuPhase Projects and Programmable MP3-player

On the right is a Programmable MP3-player for scale models, broadcast systems and special applications.

High quality audio, based on a 24-bit D/A converter with 8× oversampling digital filter, low noise and low distortion.



dapj means digital analog power junction

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