LED Flashlight made out of a China Lamp

LED Flashlight made out of a China Lamp that was busted on a High voltage surge during a Thunderstorm.

I got many LED lamps, mainly from china. The Chinese Entrepreneurs are Creative and Adventurous. There is a problem though, the quality, reliability and safety factors are not so good. These are so for even branded china products. That is offset by a affordable price.

Then China is going thru the learning curve like Korea and Tawian. Now Taiwan makes world class products.

LED Flashlight made out of a China Lamp

In my early design days, i had substituted a CD4052 or 51 pair in place of MVD-807 from Datel-GE. The datel chip supply was disrupted. I saved some cost for the firm i worked and also enable shipping of the dataloggers which was stuck.

Then i found, at +/- 7.5 V these Mux work best, no cross talk and low on resistance. They are not comparable to the DATEL chips which was far more superior, these specs were redundant as the Logger was for DC signals had a accuracy of +/-1 count and good buffer amps.

Years later when i was making a Mux with 4053 for a Hobby project of mine, there was crosstalk and leakage, leading to 1% error. These was due to Goldstar Chips from Korea. Now they are called LG or Lucky-Goldstar probably. Many chips went waste. Even monitors of Goldstar used to fail quickly. Later Goldstar ramped up Quality, now as LG they give word-class reliable products. That is the learning curve. Its painful. Now china is having its growing pains in electronics manufacturing.

After all the Technology and Skills build up, the company / region enhance their IP and Infrastructure. Then comes prosperity. Money, Stock and “Management” takes center stage. The risk taking, innovation, hiring and skill building decays. They stop even the productive work, that leads to skills. Then a Takover/Merger or god know … C11. The cycle complete, the skills and technologies gone.

We cannot afford to get carried away like this, it is better small firms who are in High Technologies remain “small”. These can save the brands and the ability of every group/country/people to continue to Do-It-Themselves. A balance has to be struck somewhere.



dapj means digital analog power junction

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