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Radio Electronics Projects – Hans Summers G0UPL

“I am not a professional electronics engineer, nor do I have an electronics degree. I make no claims for technical accuracy, good design, or necessarily even originality for the contents of these pages.

Low power QRSS beacon - Hans Summers G0UPL

Rather, I am a simple enthusiast attempting to convey my love and enjoyment of radio, electronics, laptops and computing and perhaps to inspire YOU to build something too.”

Radio Electronics Projects – Hans Summers G0UPL

This ultra-low power QRSS beacon was designed to be as efficient as possible, and produce a milliwatt or few from low voltage, low current supply. My intention was to investigate the use of natural power sources to operate the beacon.

Steve G0XAR visited the G0UPL shack and took some photos of proceedings. Combined with a sneakily obtained photo of G0UPL sleeping somewhere in Texas en-route to Ozarkcon 2007, G0XAR produced this very nice QSL card suggestion!

Low power QRSS beacon – Hans Summers G0UPL

Here are two pictures which try to convey the small size of this ‘scope. Compare it to my usual HP1741A, and the size of my hand. While I’m here (and have got some spare space), I’ll also tell you that the cabinet “feet” are in fact screw covers, which are available from the DIY store too. They make perfect feet, screwed onto the aluminium angle. Unlike the usual stick-on self-adhesive feet which you can buy, which have a rather limited lifetime before they will drop off.

A simple all-valve 1-inch oscilloscope by Ian Wilson K3IMW and Hans Summers G0UPL

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