Nov 292013
Prototype Boards for Breadboard Testing

Bread Board – This is a reusable gadget like a connector, works like an IC base, only that the connectors in this are very long lasting. You can just plug in the components and connect using thick pre-tinned single strand wire. Big pins can ruin the sockets and powercircuits. Levels > 200mA or > 24V [...]

Nov 282013
Bluetooth Multimeter - Seeed Studio

“Bluetooth Multimeter is an intelligent peripheral of android phones, specially designed for engineers. Not only can it easily collect data such as voltage, current and resistance etc., this multimeter can also communicate with phones via bluetooth. Thus, the data gathered will be displayed on your phones.” Bluetooth Multimeter – Seeed Studio Totally open source, including [...]

Nov 202013
Dontronics - PIC and AVR Kits Shop

Dontronics World’s largest range of Microchip (PIC) and Atmel (AVR) Hardware and Software. They have many kits for Embedded SBC from small ones to the powerful types that run Linux. Dontronics – PIC and AVR Kits Shop They supply many boards from Olimex. One is shown here. MCU: PIC18LF8490 16KB Flash memory, 768 B RAM [...]

Nov 112013
LED Running lights CD4017

This is a Gadget Tutorial for this Article LED Running lights CD4017 – Live Gadget Page. Red Button Powers LED Running Lights, 555 Clock is counted by CD4017. Adjust R2, See ToolTips. This Demo shows LM555 running a CD4017 Counter to drive Ten Leds sequentially. Press the Red button below to turn on the circuit [...]

Nov 102013
The Radio Electronics Magazine

When i was in Primary School in the 70s i was reading from the children section of the Indian Institute of World Culture. I was later allowed in the seniors library and magazine section after some persuasion. It is in this magazine section i found the The Radio Electronics Magazine. I could only read it, [...]

Oct 242013
Temperature and Humidity with Arduino

Interface an Arduino to electronic sensors to make these basic measurements. These are needed in your Garage, Basement, Attic or Loft; The Living Room too, Humidity and Temperature have an impact on your health and also the life of the furniture and wood construction material too. Temperature and Humidity with Arduino This device will show [...]

Oct 222013
Amateurfunkbasteln - Amateur Radio Crafts and Electronics

Amateur radio is a technical hobby. The attraction? To cover long distances with a low power radio to talk with other people, learn about their countries and cultures. Amateurfunkbasteln – Amateur Radio Crafts and Electronics But amateur radio also means tinker devices themselves, solder, apply electronics and learn something. In this sense, it can be [...]