Nov 112013
LED Running lights CD4017

This is a Gadget Tutorial for this Article LED Running lights CD4017 – Live Gadget Page. Red Button Powers LED Running Lights, 555 Clock is counted by CD4017. Adjust R2, See ToolTips. This Demo shows LM555 running a CD4017 Counter to drive Ten Leds sequentially. Press the Red button below to turn on the circuit [...]

Nov 102013
The Radio Electronics Magazine

When i was in Primary School in the 70s i was reading from the children section of the Indian Institute of World Culture. I was later allowed in the seniors library and magazine section after some persuasion. It is in this magazine section i found the The Radio Electronics Magazine. I could only read it, [...]

Oct 242013
Temperature and Humidity with Arduino

Interface an Arduino to electronic sensors to make these basic measurements. These are needed in your Garage, Basement, Attic or Loft; The Living Room too, Humidity and Temperature have an impact on your health and also the life of the furniture and wood construction material too. Temperature and Humidity with Arduino This device will show [...]

Oct 222013
Amateurfunkbasteln - Amateur Radio Crafts and Electronics

Amateur radio is a technical hobby. The attraction? To cover long distances with a low power radio to talk with other people, learn about their countries and cultures. Amateurfunkbasteln – Amateur Radio Crafts and Electronics But amateur radio also means tinker devices themselves, solder, apply electronics and learn something. In this sense, it can be [...]

Oct 212013
Roger's Embedded Microcontroller Projects

This page is intended to be a source of information for those interested in Motorola MC68HC05, MC68HC08, MC68HC11 and MC68HC12 Microcontrollers. Roger’s Embedded Microcontroller Projects Six Digit LED Clock Display – The board is driven by a Maxim MAX7219 which has a serial interface; it can be controlled by a any microcomputer with a SPI [...]

Oct 172013
Jens PIC and Z80 Projects

Jens PIC and Z80 Projects PIC16C84 Programmer Z80 bootloader 8751 ROM Monitor software PIC16C84 Programmer PIC-Programmer 2 for PIC16C84 Designs for VLSI 8-transistor delay-insensitive memory cell How to make PIC’s with high clockspeed. Analog low power converter

Oct 132013
Peter H. Anderson - Embedded Processor Control

PC Parallel Port, BasicX, BASIC Stamp, 68HC11, PIC, PICAXE, Data Acquisition and Control, Serial Control and Measurement. Many Microchip PIC Types , Use of a PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition, 68HC11 Assembly Language ProgrammingParallel Port Interfacing with 2, 3 and 4 Wire Serial Devices. Peter H. Anderson – Embedded Processor Control This [...]