Mar 062014
Printer Port Virtual Instrumentation with VB6

The PC is now an economic and common equipment at home or office. To interface it to the real world is a step in learning Automation and Robotics. In Automation we have both Industrial and Home. Experimenting with Home Automation and Building PC based Instruments is the first step. An Electronics card needs to be […]

Dec 212013
The Mini Metrology Lab - Conrad Hoffman

This is a Article by Conrad Hoffman in “Electronics Now, April 1996″.He has an intriguing collection of electronics and Mechanical DIY Tips and Ideas in his site. The Mini Metrology Lab – Conrad Hoffman His “Electronic Mess” section has many pages on repairing and restoring old instruments and equipment. An Excerpt from his pages is […]

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Dec 192013
PIC Microcontroller Tutorials

These are Tiny Chips that integrate the Microprocessor and Peripheral chips in a compact size with low power consumption. PIC Microcontrollers from Microchip are the evolved computing digital devices that go into many gadgets and intelligent equipment. These are easy to program and reprogram and even protect your code or IP. PIC Microcontroller Tutorials The […]

Dec 172013
N5ESE - Gizmos for QRP Ham Radio

“One day I noticed a project, obviously homebrew, mounted on a piece of plywood, and nearly covering the worktable. When I asked him what it was, he glowed as bright as the half-dozen tubes that lit up when he turned it on. Twenty seconds or so later, out spews from the speaker the cracklings and […]

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Dec 162013
Flashing Mains Neon Lamp

Here is a Neon Flasher circuit (untested) for a user request at Circuits FAQ. This can be built into a switchboard or a gadget for indicating Live Power. D1-C1 form a simple half-wave rectifier, The Cap charges to peak voltage and can store charge for a long time if there is no bleeder. So while […]

Dec 112013
BlackBoard - Circuit Layout.and Simulation

An Open Source “Learning EDA” Software which can setup circuit layouts. You may use it for stripboards, perfboards, breadboards, and even for plain circuitry or simulation. Creation and editing of symbols and elements on-the-fly using an integrated editor BlackBoard – Circuit Layout.and Simulation The Library has more than 300 different elements and symbols. Has an […]

Nov 292013
Prototype Boards for Breadboard Testing

Bread Board – This is a reusable gadget like a connector, works like an IC base, only that the connectors in this are very long lasting. You can just plug in the components and connect using thick pre-tinned single strand wire. Big pins can ruin the sockets and powercircuits. Levels > 200mA or > 24V […]