DMM or Digital Multi Meter


A nice DMM is the first thing you should own. Have one for High Voltage and High Energy and another for Workbench Testing.


Better to use external attenuators and shunts when high energy is involved. Make yourself and your instruments last for some time. Safety is first. Footwear and Gloves can help.

Tutorials on Basics and Instrumentation Electronics

Digital Multi Meter – New Year Resolutions

  1. I will not drop the DMM from a height of 4 feet.
  2. I will not Test Live Powered equipment in the Ohms Mode.
  3. I shall not Measure Mains Voltage in The Current Mode.
  4. I shall get it calibrated once a year or at least once a decade.
  5. I shall not use it in High Energy Measurements.
  6. I will try my best not to give it to my best friend.
  7. I can remember Red is Positive and Black is negative.
  8. I will wear shoes and stand on a block of wood while i test.
  9. I shall not operate the rotary range switch at high speeds.
  10. I shall replace the probes-cables-connectors on wear-tear.
  11. I shall not accidentally keep the hot-iron near the DMM or leads.
  12. I shall not keep DMM on tall table and pull it with the leads.

How To Learn Electronics :

Theory must be studied once and referred to, again and again as you do practicals. One is by building DIY projects and then modifying them. Also Repair of equipment, troubleshooting, testing and calibrating.

Build a DMM or digital multi meter

Then you know how components behave and real life limitations. Now design and engineer a product and test it at customer site. do a pilot production and test with more clients. Now you will learn to think based on practical applications.


A DMM with Rotary Switch, like the one above is popular. The Switches do give trouble after a few years. Better go for a Auto Ranging type. Ensure cables are not frayed or near hot objects.

A Lab Workbench DMM can be larger and with a higher resolution and Better accuracy. Resolution is the number of digits or decimal positions. like 2.348 is higher resolution than 2.3

Accuracy means how correct the reading is to a Relative Standard in the Workplace or an Absolute Reference in the Standards Lab. 1.034 Reading on your DMM for a Reference Source of 1.000 is pretty inaccurate. Send it to the Calibration Lab once a Year.

“with hard work and innovation you can do it ! ”

– Solderman Talks 1702 AD



dapj means digital analog power junction

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