Electronics For Beginners – Graham Knott


General Theory, Practical Skills And Projects, Components, Test And Measurement, Digital, D.C. Theory, Block Diagrams.

Electronics For Beginners – Graham Knott

Electronics For Beginners - Graham Knott

This can be used to boost the output from your Walkman, crystal set etc. You really need two of these for stereo. If you haven’t built an electronic project before the see pages on Soldering, Using stripboard and the Resistor colour code. Note that some of the capacitors are polarised. If you make a mistake during assembly then desolder carefully.

The Diode, The Junction Transistor, Transistor Fault Finding, The Unijunction Transistor, The Field Effect Transistor, The Operational Amplifier – Opamp, Bels, Decibels And Db, The Thyristor, Triac And Diac.

Multivibrators, The Schmitt Triggers, Reactance And Impedance In Ac Circuits, Phasors And Resonance, Microprocessor Systems, Combinational Logic, Flip-Flops, Sequential Logic.

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