The Circuits Shop – Electronics in Meccano


Access to the entire Maplin Electronics catalogue at the Electronics in Meccano Circuits Shop. In addition to the essential components and tools you’ll need as an electronics hobbyist, Maplin stock a wide range of electrical items for your home, car, computer and elsewhere.


The Circuits Shop – Electronics in Meccano

Articles on motor control, components, and practical matters like soldering, along with full shopping lists for each circuit described.

  • Remote Controlled Locomotive
  • Horizontal Electric Engine
  • Constructing Circuits
  • Building a Power Supply
  • Simple Motor Control from AC

Electronics in Meccano Hands-On! gives you the chance to have a go at building your own electronic circuit with guidance from the Electronics in Meccano team.hos_wlms_1_s

The sessions consist of a half-hour lecture introducing you to some electronics concepts, the 555 timer IC, and the practical aspects of constructing your circuits. After the lecture you will be able to build your own 555 Monostable Circuit on a printed circuit board, thereby learning how to solder and identify components.

Electronics in Meccano Hands-On!

Here you’ll find information about some of Tim’s endeavours in the fields of engineering and computing.

Tim’s Projects



dapj means digital analog power junction

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