4QD-TEC: Electronics Circuits Reference Archive

Here is a circuit archive that takes you up, from the bottom rungs of the EE Semiconductor Design Ladder. There are many Discrete Transistor Designs, NPN and PNP with R, L and C. Bipolar design and diodes is the first Knowledge to assimilate. Next is FET, MOSFET and Thyristor study. Then you climb the Amazing Analog Design Rungs !!

You have reached a landing now, where they sell popcorn and Ice Cream. There is Lemonade and Ginger Beer too. Recharge your batteries and pack a Knapsack with stuff, for a long Expedition.

The rungs of digital design are most challenging, RF and Wireless design and Power Electronics rungs are scaled fast. Then you get into Embedded Systems. Reached the end, not yet … We have Computing Too To Do!

4QD-TEC: Electronics Circuits Reference Archive

Battery Monitoring circuits, Circuit Theory and tutorials, Component types and values, Current sensing and control, Industrial Control circuits and suggestions, Measurement Circuits, Motor Control Circuits. Power Supply circuits, Pulse (Width and position) Modulation Circuits, Relay Driver Circuits, Staircase generators, Test Equipment circuits, Temperature Measurement, Timer Circuits, Ultrasonic Circuits, Voltage/Current controlled circuits.

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