Christmas Tree – CircuitStew

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The true Christmas Spirit is in giving, You can only give if you have something, right. You can Have when you Acquire Skills, Imagination and a Cheerful Attitude.This will help you Create Things! – dapj

Christmas Tree - CircuitStew

Develop a Skill this Christmas, Build these small LED Trees and give it to people who need a little bit of cheering up.

Christmas Tree – CircuitStew “This was the first and last complete prototype that I made on proto board. This style of prototyping produces circuits that are very difficult to understand, debug, and modify. Because of all the extra work involved they also take forever to assemble. Suddenly I became very interested in designing and fabricating custom pcbs….”

The name CircuitStew refers both to the jumble of electronics presented here and to circuit boards suspended in neon green copper etching solution. – Derek Wolfe

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