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“ has been in existence since 1999, we were inspired to set up a web site dedicated to all things gyroscope after an attempt to purchase a single toy gyroscope.”Super Precision Gyroscope

Super Precision Gyroscope

The Super Precision Gyroscope is an all new gyroscope, designed and built to the highest precision from the very start. Made from SOLID brass and aluminium with carefully chosen miniature high-grade bearings.

Tedco Original Toy Gyroscope

This gyroscope was first produced in 1917 under the name of ‘Chandler gyroscope’. It has remained relatively unchanged and has been a classic educational toy for generations. It continues to fascinate young and old alike with its mysterious force that seems to defy gravity. Whether you just want to have hours of fun with it just as a toy or whether you want to learn more about physics/science of gyroscopes.



dapj means digital analog power junction

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