Category Engineering – Wikibooks

Category Engineering – Wikibooks

This category contains a number of subcategories, books, and pages related to engineering in general. Books can be found on the Engineering Bookshelf. Courses can be found at Wikiversity:School of Engineering.

Subcategories include specific engineering disciplines, including Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering. Also, some books that are general to all disciplines are listed here.

Analog and Digital Conversion, Automatic Control Engineering, Automotive Systems.
Basic Electrical Generation, Basic Electricity, Biography of Nikola Tesla.
Circuit Idea, Circuit Theory, Communication Systems, Control Systems.
Digital Circuits, Digital Signal Processing, Electronics, Embedded Control Systems Design
Embedded Systems, Practical Electronics, Power Systems Analysis, Design, and Control
Microprocessor Design, Engineering Tables, Semiconductors, SensorNetworks

and many more at Wikiversity

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