Mains Adapter 230V AC 50 Hz to Rectified DC


Mains Adapter Converts 230V AC 50 Hz to Rectified DC which replaces a Battery Pack. It was also called Battery Eliminator by older generations as it was used to save Battery Cost in AM Radios.

A Doodle in a Schematic Diagram or a Circuit with Doodles is known as Schoodle. Here are some Drawings of mine which can be called Borderline Schoodles.

Mains Adapter 230V AC 50 Hz to Rectified DC

Mains Voltage and Power CircuitsThe most important product safety aspect is the transformer, may it be well isolated, may it use a split bobbin, may it have a visible insulation between primary and secondary. May the thin primary wires not slip into the secondary .. when not using split core. Use a Layer to layer insulation for better safety. Use a nice laminated thin sheet alloy core stack, then no hum and no heat. vacuum impregnate magnetics. May the customer be safe and sound.

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