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Danish Audio ConnecT – Denmark

Danish Audio ConnecT. High quality audio parts. High-End Audio Parts for Hi-Fi, A/V and Pro-Audio. DACT products are used by audio and A/V audio equipment manufacturers and by DIY audiophiles throughout the world.


Electronic DIY Projects from Dago

Kalle Hyvönen an electronics enthusiast from Finland has made many interesting. In childhood dismantling of all kinds of electronic devices was his main occupation. That is what makes him a Wizard Today. Electronic DIY...

HobbyMechatronics – DIY Mechanics Robotics

HobbyMechatronics – DIY Mechanics Robotics

Mechanics and electronics DIY project. Information for Robotics and Small Machine Automation. HobbyMechatronics – DIY Mechanics Robotics DIY microstepping motor driver Sherline Lathe CNC (mill) conversion XMEGA, the Perfect Robotics Microcontroller?

Lars Petersen OZ1BXM QRP Denmark

Amateur radio homepage by Lars Petersen of Holstebro, Denmark. The Useful Articles include some good rules for the QRPer and Main HF rig and antenna. Lars Petersen OZ1BXM QRP Denmark CW, QRP, and satellites....